Friday, October 10, 2014

Going Home: KittenMan

Happy Feline Friday, everyone! We love long-term updates! Hearing how one of our prior shelter pets is doing months, or even years after the fact is one of our favorite things,  And today we have just such a treat for you. This story came to us through our Facebook page

It deals with one of our valued foster parents developing an extra-special bond with one of the animals she fostered, and having what is known as a 'foster failure' (which, really, is one of the very best failures to have, as it means another pet finds a home). 

" I fostered KittenMan (weighed in at 2 months at a whooping 8.30 oz!). He could barely stand and had intestinal issues...

... Now 4 years later (yes, a foster failure), he's grown to a whooping 17lbs and is the best boy ever! I am thankful for fostering that little bundle of joy (& a couple weeks before the devastating fire) and he still, to this day, suckles on my thumb everyday! Thanks for this great cat! He's one of a kind!" 

Isn't this great? And aren't those pictures precious? We wish both Aline and KittenMan the very best and hope they continue to derive great joy from each other's company. 

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