Friday, October 31, 2014

Going Home: Filbert

Hurray for another Feline Friday. And happy Halloween, of course! Before you go out to collect sugary sweets from your neighbors, maybe take a look at the short and sweet update we received through our Facebook page. This post is as sweet as they come, but is amazing for your teeth!

The adorable Filbert (formerly known as Fox) was adopted by Marina in Jun. Here is what she has to say about her kitten:

"Filbert (shelter name Fox) - adopted 6/7/14, and is now joyfully playing through the night, every night :)

Thank you, everybody at Berkeley Humane <3"

Look at that little kitten-face. Who could resist that?

Does your cat play through the night? For some of the lighter sleepers among us, it can impact sleep quality to have a playful cat chase squeaky toys at 1 AM. If that is the case, you could try playing with your cat right before your bedtime, and feeding them when you go to bed. You'll have an increased chance that your cat - now tired and with a full belly - will simply choose to snooze when you do. 

Do you need more cat in your life? Come visit us during our cat adoption hours (Fridays through Sundays from 11-5) and see if we don't have a furry, purring playmate for you. 

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