Friday, October 24, 2014

Going Home: Benny

Happy Feline Friday, people! Are you all set for the weekend? Our latest Going Home candidate certainly is. Through the Facebook page we received not one, but two updates with great news and pictures. 

Benny, formerly known as Electrocat, has made himself quite at home with his new family. He even has a cat buddy. We're very happy to hear that the introduction went so well, and hope that Benny, his feline pal and his humans will live happily ever after. Now, on to the words of Benny's adopter: 

"Benny (Electrocat) settling in nicely to our home. He was shy at first, but is now loving life- watching the birds from his cat tree, and spending the nights cuddled up with his humans. I'm lucky that this boy is part of our home now!

And Benny (Electrocat) is getting along great with our other cat, The Beast. We wanted to introduce them more slowly, but they just couldn't resist each other! Thank you Berkeley Humane."

Briana, thank you for being the new human of Benny, and for providing a loving home for him. We hope that you will all give each other a lot of joy in years to come. 

Have you adopted a cat from Berkeley Humane? We'd love to hear how you're doing, and put your cat in the spotlight on Feline Friday. Just send us an e-mail with an update about your cat and attach a few pictures - we'll do the rest!

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