Friday, October 17, 2014

Coming Here : Grumpy Cat

Happiest of Feline Fridays, everybody! Did you hear the festive news? Grumpy Cat is coming to Berkeley to do the honors at Berkeley Humane's ribbon cutting ceremony for our Mobile Adoption Center! Isn't that great?

Berkeley Humane campaigned hard for this to happen, with much help from the community (you can just look for #GrumpytownUSA on your preferred social medium to see how excited we got). Of course we're thankful to Chronicle Books for setting up the contest, but we are especially appreciative of our biggest supporters in the campaign for Grumpy Cat to come to Berkeley:

- the Berkeley Chamber
- the Berkeley Police Association
- Berkeley mayor Tom Bates

Without them, we could not have done it. Nor could we have done it without you, tweeting, facebooking and instagramming friends and Grumpy Cat fans. So thank you to you too!

Do you want to know how you can meet Grumpy Cat when she's here in Berkeley, now known as Grumpytown, USA? Then visit our website at or follow us on Facebook. You'll be totally in the know and have the best chance of meeting the nation's favorite frowny feline.

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