Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Going Home: Judy

It's Woof Wednesday again! For today's edition we share a little about how animals sometimes need a bit of extra work done for them to find their new homes. When a visitor comes into the Berkeley Humane shelter, they’re often greeted by our fabulous adoptions associate Carly. Carly came to us last year, and in the time she’s been here she’s managed to wow us all with her talent for pairing would-be adopters with their perfect animal.

One of our longer-term dog residents, Judy, was adopted entirely thanks to Carly’s dedication and determination. Judy is a sleek, athletic dog who first arrived in our shelter in July 2013. Judy sadly didn’t find love for a long time until Carly took it upon herself to go bold and find Judy her perfect person.

From Carly: "Judy was a particularly special dog. From the time I met her she was always a favorite for me to walk or hang out with; her energy would always rub off and leave me in a better mood than when I began.

Not long after I began working at Berkeley Humane, I went to look at a nearby room for rent.  The house wasn’t a good fit for me and my cat, so I moved on. But this Halloween, while in full wig and makeup, a man who I recognized to be the owner of the home approached me to compliment my costume. He understandably didn’t recognize me until I reminded him of my job. This sparked a conversation about pets, and he expressed that he had been considering getting a dog. He told me that he loves dogs and has the time and space to have one in his life, but has been hesitant because the loss of his past dog was so devastating. When he described to me what he was looking for in a companion, Judy came right to mind. We talked about her for a long time, looked at pictures, and speculated if they would be a good fit. Of course, it was to remain strictly speculative until they actually met in person. The next day he came down to our shelter, and it was love at first sight. Sometimes, when a dog meets their new family, it shows in their eyes that they just know this is who they’re going home with.  I always say that these are the moments when the animal adopts the human. This was the case with Judy. After spending some time getting to know each other, he decided that this was indeed the dog for him.

Since Judy has gone home, she has been doing wonderfully. She feels comfortable in her new home and has become a happy, relaxed dog. Her adopter, a disabled veteran, says that she is the perfect companion. She has fit right in to the household and happily gets along with her new friends, human and animal alike.  I’m certain that Judy will live out her years loved, tail wagging, alongside her new friend. She truly deserves every happy moment."

Carly went above and beyond for Judy, as she does for so many of the animals at Berkeley Humane, and it’s an honor for us to call her one of our own. Staffers like Carly are the reason this organization can do so much for animals. Their capacity for compassion is boundless, and their love for the animals truly buoying.

Working in a shelter environment is tough but rewarding. We always hear that the looks on adopters’ faces when they meet their match means so much to our staff!

Thank you, Carly, and thank you to all our staff for the work you do! And many, many congratulations to Judy and Judy's loving adopter!

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