Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Getting to Know: Linus a.k.a. Goosey

Welcome to another Woof Wednesday! Today we're introducing a new type of post: Getting to Know posts. These are posts in which a Berkeley Humane's currently adoptable animal gets put in the spotlight. 

Today we're focusing on Berkeley Humane's big burly boy Linus (on the website still known as Goosey). We went for a walk with him and his dedicated and experienced foster mom Randi Woods, who has been working with Linus to make him into the best dog he can be. Here's what our Linus told me during our walk:

See? I'm cute!
Hello readers, 

I am Linus and I am a good dog. I'm also a slightly famous dog. Did you know I have my own Facebook page? You should take a look there. My foster mom takes me to cool places and then takes pictures of me. It's fun! 

Anyway. This is what I think you should know about me. While I'm not very high energy overall, I'm very interested in the world. Other dogs get me super excited! I'm working on my manners because I am a muscular dog and if I run towards other dogs or humans, they might be intimidated even though all I really want to do is play.

Here you see Harry and me having fun. Harry is my pal!

I love humans, by the way. Big, small, young, old, so far I've been totally cool with everyone I've met. My foster mom takes me to dog friendly dining places and lets the local kids play with me. I've not yet met any really loud children or very squirmy ones, but I would definitely be a great pet for a family with dog savvy young'uns. I really love being petted and enjoy it when people pay attention to me. I'll do my best not to get too excited, but humans are just so amazing and lovable it's hard not to get all wriggly and a bit too enthusiastic.

Here I am doing my best to be very gentle with a small human.

Me being so fond of humans also means that I don't enjoy being alone. If I am away from my humans, I will do what I can to get close to them again. I'm working on feeling at home in my crate, but I would do best with a family where I will not be left alone a lot until I've learned that it's safe. I'm not a naughty dog at all, but feeling abandoned can bring out my inner escape artist, so it is important for me that I am slowly and patiently taught that I can be alone. 

I also like the company of other dogs, and am responsive to their signals about my behavior. If your current dog is friendly and well socialized, I am sure we can work it out together. A doggy friend may even help teach me that being left alone for a while is okay. 

Here I am snoozing with my foster homie Frisbee. She won't let me on the bed if I'm rowdy. 
According to my foster mom I'm easy to train (I think this is because she gives me bits of cheese or chicken as a treat when I have to do something hard - who wouldn't work for those?), but I really do need a patient and positive way of training.  I love positive reinforcement!

In all, I think I'm a cool dog if you're looking for a snuggly fellow with a goofy attitude to hang with. I'm probably a bit too lazy for dog sports, but if we can play fetch every now and then, I'll happily trade my toy for a treat. I may not be the fastest student, but I'll do my best to learn everything you want to teach me. 

I stay with my foster mom full time, because I'm sensitive to loud sounds. If you want to meet me (no autographs please, just adopters), then you can call Berkeley Humane and they'll set us up for a date!

Love and licks, 


Ps. This could be you after you come meet me!

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  1. I'm a human FOL (friend of Linus), and he is a big sweet lug. He's good looking, goofy, and loves to cuddle and hang out. If you're looking for an affectionate younger dog who doesn't need hours of physical exercise each day, he might just be your guy!