Wednesday, September 3, 2014

After Berkeley Humane: Fritz Finnegan

Welcome to another episode of Woof Wednesday! 

You can get some absolutely hilarious, adorable pet names when you let your kids rename a newly-adopted family member. Finnegan went home with a bouncy, fun family not too long ago, and when his adopters emailed us back to tell us about how he was doing we learned he’d earned a great nickname!

Read on to hear how ‘Fritzy Bitzy’ is doing these days!

"The kids have re-named Finnegan as Fritz Finnegan. His nickname is Fritzy Bitzy! We love him so much and he has really been a joy and a perfect addition to our family. He fits right in and our other dog Rocky loves him. I have many pictures that I will share with you of them sleeping together as well as Fritzy just being cute. 

Fritz has lost almost all of his puppy teeth and is great at going potty outside and running right back in the house. He doesn't chew stuffed animals thankfully but loves bones and wrestling with his brother Rocky (Deer Chihuahua.) Fritzy also loves sleeping under the covers in the kids beds even though he is not supposed to, and he loves it when my daughter carries him around the house like a baby. He managed to chew through the leg of a wooden chair over the past couple of months, how he did that secretly I'm not sure, but it was pretty funny when someone sat in it and it broke! Fritz is our jokester and prankster and we just love him so much."

Fritzy Bitzy, you are too much! How adorable and happy he sounds in his new home. Thank you to his adopters for giving him such a fun new leash on life!

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