Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Going Home: Mint

Happy Woof Wednesday, everybody! Today we're celebrating that Mint (formerly known as Kris Jr) has found a loving home! We're super happy to hear how fond her new people are of her, and it's just wonderful how she's already become a part of everything that goes on in the house. 

"We LOVE LOVE LOVE our new family member. She left there Kris Jr but we named
her Mint and she is just the love of our household. The picture in the hat was take your pet to  work day. She had a ball!! Thank you for checking in on us. The whole adoption experience has been awesome!"

Way to go, Mint! Keep it up! And thank you, Kimya, for sharing your enthusiastic words and the adorable pictures.

Are you in need of some canine love? Come to Berkeley Humane during our dog adoption hours and maybe you will find the dog you have been looking for. Dog adoption hours are Wednesday through Sunday from 11 to 5. 

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