Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Going Home: Gizmo

Happy Woof Wednesday, everybody! Today we have a lovely update from the adopters of Gizmo (you may have known him back when he was named Fuzzy). Gizmo’s adopters were kind enough to send us a happy dispatch from their home, reporting that Gizmo is as mellow as ever.

"Fuzzy is doing well. We have renamed him Gizmo. We have got a dog trainer to work with us in the home. Gizmo is the 3rd of three Lhasa Apsos we have adopted at different times. He is such a mellow, gentle and sweet soul. When we first met him at Berkeley Humane, he wouldn't walk more than half a block and we thought “uh oh, how are we going to walk him with our other dogs.” But since having him, he's become quite the walker, he runs and plays in the dog park and with our neighbor's dog (who volunteers at Berkeley Humane.) It's great to see his playful personality come out. We are thrilled to have Gizmo in our lives."

It definitely shows in the pictures that Gizmo’s adopters are happy to have him as part of the family! We’re excited that Gizmo has new puppy pals to show him the world and encourage him to let loose and get playful! Thank you, adopters! We especially love the picture of Gizmo with his new siblings (doggy and human) out on a hike. 

Woof Wednesday is the day we pay extra attention to our canine pals, after their adoption or during their stay in the shelter and the foster home. Do you think your Berkeley Humane alumnus deserves the spotlight too? Then email the adoptions department with an update about your canine friend! We look forward to your stories. 

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