Friday, August 29, 2014

Going Home: Cocoro

Welcome to another Feline Friday - a day on which we shine the spotlight on the fantastic felines of Berkeley Humane. Today we're celebrating by sharing the Going Home story of the adorable Cocoro (formerly known as Island).

The adorable Cocoro (which we are told means 'heart' in Japanese) was brought home by Darold and his family, and this is what they have to say after two weeks with their new kitty:

"We've been so lucky to find her at the Berkeley Humane Society and knew right away she would enrich our lives, and we've definitely wanted to adopt in the past, so this turned out to be a PURRfect opportunity.

At first, she slept a lot during the day and would hide under the table which seemed natural when adapting to a new environment, but then when night time came she let out her energetic side. The moment we go to bed, whether it be 11pm or 2am, Cocoro decides it’s time to go berserk. She jumps all over the bed, pouncing on whatever she deems suitable, and races all around the entire apartment. It’s quite humorous and entertaining to watch through the night!"

Mana and Jin, our daughter and son, have been learning how to care for Cocoro with their new set of responsibilities. Mana is in charge of feeding Cocoro and Jin helps with cleaning the kitty litter box (though he has been playing in the kitty litter with his toys, I have to remind him that it’s not a sandbox!)
My wife will shampoo Cocoro when needed and has built a small teepee for her. And my part of the responsibility is keeping her healthy with veterinarian visits.
Cocoro is very therapeutic for us and we are really thankful to have her.

We’re sure she’s thankful to be a part of your happy young family too, Darold! Congratulations and thank you for giving Cocoro so much devotion.

PS. The teepee your wife made is simply gorgeous: what a fantastic kitty hideaway!

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