Friday, August 22, 2014

Going Home: Archie

It’s Feline Friday again, and today we want to share this Going Home story from adopter Janice and her cat Archie.

Janice fostered for us back when Archie first came to our door. (She did so much work as a cat foster that she nicknamed her home ‘Happy Cat Gardens’!). When Archie came back to the shelter, she decided to adopt him. By now, Archie and Janice have been living together happily for several years. Recently they even adopted another feline friend. Janice sent us a note to tell us about it all and even included some sweet pictures we’re excited to share with you:

Hi y’all,

You probably don’t remember Archie, a sickly little grey kitten brought in about 5 years ago by some good Samaritans. You named him Urchin because he was so pitiful. But the vets in the hospital brought him back from death’s door, and he came to me to foster. I did my best to socialize him for a few weeks, then back to you [he went for adoption.]

A year later, I got a call from one of your staff, Emily Z., who said, “Remember Urchin, the little kitty you fostered? He’s back!” How could I forget! I said, well, maybe I’ll just come and say hello to him. But when I saw him huddled, terrified, in the back of a cage, I had only one choice! Duh! So back to Happy Cat Gardens he came. 

He is still a scaredy cat, but a real sweetheart. We recently welcomed 10 year old Hazel from the SPCA, and after a bit of a rough start, they are now “frenemies”. As you can see in the photo, they even share their monogrammed blankies.

Thanks for all the work you do! And thanks for saving Archie!

It’s so wonderful to hear from adopters so long after an animal has gone home—your story warms our hearts, and we’re pleased to hear that Archie and Hazel have begun to bond a bit! Thank you for your foster work, and thank you for bringing Archie back to Happy Cat Gardens!

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