Friday, July 11, 2014

After Berkeley Humane: Inky and Pinkie

When a pair of kittens get to go home together, we all shout a whoop of joy! We know that the love and hilarity of owning a pair of bonded kitties will change the lives of adopters for the better, and we’re extra glad that cats get to keep a friend as well as gain a family.

Brothers Inky and Pinkie went home together just a week or two ago, to a great home with human brothers to play with! Already their family has checked in to tell us how they’re doing:

All of us are doing well and I want to thank [Cathy, our cat coordinator] for everything.

The human boys are in love. The feline boys are fearless and gladly accept play, cuddles, quiet, and loud. They're eating well, playing well, sleeping well.

Thank you so much, and please thank the foster parent for us.

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