Wednesday, July 23, 2014

After Berkeley Humane: Cindy

Cindy Lou (who goes by plain ol’ Cindy now!) has found her perfect match: a loving, adventurous, extra-snuggly family! She’s learning so much about how to be a well-mannered dog, and she’s settling in beautifully into family life. Her new mama wrote in with a quick update, and we had it get it up ASAP for all of you! 

Oh My Goodness!! Cindy is the BEST dog we have ever had!! She is so amazingly sweet and gentle. We are having SO MUCH FUN with her! She is playful, kind, smart, brave and an excellent companion and playmate for my daughter. She took a trip to Sacramento for Thanksgiving and had her first bath yesterday...both of which were awesome for her! We are so happy with her and just adore everything she does. We feel so blessed to have her as part of our family and just love her to pieces!!!

I am definitely signing up for the puppy classes and am attaching photos of our beautiful puppy who we simply adore!

Thank you for everything and we will continue to check in with you =)

We can’t get enough of that wrinkly puppy face in the last picture! Please do keep checking in with us: thank you for giving Cindy such a comfortable, happy new life!

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