Tuesday, June 17, 2014

After Berkeley Humane: Owen

Meet Owen! Owen, formerly Orrin, was adopted from us in May of this year. His adopters already had a cat at home (John—another Berkeley Humane alum!) and they hoped the two cats would bond. Happily for Owen and John, they certainly did bond—now, the two are inseparable!

From the start, Owen has been extremely loving with us, but he wasn’t sure what to make of John, our 14-year-old orange tabby. Owen was 10 when he came to live with us and had been declawed by his previous owner(s). He had been living on the street and in various shelters, and I suspect had had some bad experiences that made him leery of strange new cats. John, however, was also declawed by his previous owner and is so sweet and mellow we call him our “honey cat.” He soon convinced Owen that all he wanted was to be his new friend. They love to play “bop, run and chase,” and John, who had been getting a bit portly with his advancing years, has even lost some weight! They also like sleeping near each other in patches of sun. Most recently, John had to have dental surgery for an abscess. When we put John in his carrier and he started yowling, Owen not only tried to get into the carrier, he tried to stop us from leaving the house with John—he grabbed my wife’s calf with his paws and teeth (fortunately, she was wearing jeans) and tried to bring her down! Now that John is back and recovering, Owen is extremely gentle with him.

Owen is a wonderful addition to our home—a warm, purring, lap cat with us, and an exuberant pal (as well as fierce and loyal friend) for John. 

He is truly a wonderful cat, and we love him to pieces.

(P.S.  John was also adopted from Berkeley Humane, in December of 2002.)

We’re so happy that Owen has found a happy home to blossom in as well as a new playmate. Thank you, adopters—and thanks to John, too, for making Owen your friend!

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