Tuesday, June 24, 2014

After Berkeley Humane: Gompers

Little boy Gompers, formerly known as Jingles, was scooped up by his new mama who emailed in to share this adorable picture (and a little bit of an update on how he’s been doing!)

Things are going really well for Gompers and me! He recently got his first haircut and it’s amazing how much slimmer he is without all of that hair! I've attached a photo.

He is also doing quite well with his training, but I am excited to bring him to obedience class at Berkeley Humane. I think he would enjoy agility, so I'm hoping to work toward that.

Gompers gets along well with my roommate's Chihuahua, and they enjoy playing together. Everyone is impressed by his calm demeanor, and he has certainly made my life much richer. 

Thanks again for all you do to make adoption possible.

Woohoo for Gompers! It sounds like he has seamlessly become a part of the home. Thank you to Gompers’ adopter for giving him such a clearly great life! Can’t wait to see you two in training classes soon!

Do you want to enroll your dog in one of our training classes, too? We offer a variety of behavior and training services to all dog owners—but if your dog is a Berkeley Humane alumni, our basic manners class is HALF OFF!

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