Tuesday, May 6, 2014

After Berkeley Humane: Jake and Skully

When a pair of bonded kittens comes into our program, we do our best to keep the pair together when adopting them out. (As readers of our blog, we’re sure you’ve seen an adoption listing of ours at some point where we advertise two cats together: and inevitably, those two cats are nuzzled up together in one of their listing pictures!)

Jake and Skully were two such ‘bonded’ cats: these guys wanted to stay together wherever they went off adventuring. Lucky for them, they found a family who wanted to make them BOTH a part of their home!

Both Jake and Skully are great—above is a picture of them taken a few nights ago. They seem to have taken their place at the head of our bed—actually, they like to sleep there at night! They are getting along with our other 2 senior cats—they don't play together (yet), but at least they tolerate each other now and there's no hissing.  
Jake is an adventurer and the daredevil—he likes to get in places that he's not supposed to. Meanwhile, Skully is the back-up, ready to lick & groom Jake when they have quiet time together.
Thank you for letting us adopt them! They are a wonderful addition to our family.

Is that cute or what? We love the picture of these two boys cozied up together! Thank you to Jake and Skully’s adopters!

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