Tuesday, May 13, 2014

After Berkeley Humane: Freya

As our loyal blog followers, we’re sure you’ve popped over to our Facebook page at one point or another to check out our ‘going home’ photo albums. (The albums are chock-full of photos of our animals leaving our shelter with their new families. Check them out if you haven’t already!)

Why do we take these pictures? We’ll answer that question with a simple image:

That picture above is proof: these ‘going home’ photos capture an incredibly beautiful moment in the shared life of adopters with their new family members. This happy pup is Tully (now Freya!) going home with her ecstatic adopters! Madeleine and Jeff wrote in to us to gush about their sweet new life together as a trio: we’re happy to share their joy with all of you now!

Tully has been with us for 3 weeks now and we could not be happier. Jeff (my love) and I are convinced she is an angel from heaven, we cannot believe how well-behaved and adorable and loyal and perfect she is. We have re-named her Freya, which means "lady" in Scandinavian, and is also the name for the Norse Goddess of Love. :)


From the day we took her home with us, Freya has not left our sides. I go to school and work during the day, but thankfully Jeff has a very flexible job and is able to be home with her when I'm gone She is the sweetest girl, always down to play and romp when it's time, but very happy to curl up on the bed with her stuffed ducky toy when Jeff and I are studying or working or eating. She is literally the best dog I've ever seen -- and I'm not exaggerating just because I'm in love with her. ;) Freya is attentive, knows how to be gentle even when we're rough-housing and playing around, immediately sits or stops when she hears a stern tone, comes when called, and gives all the kisses in the world. And only 14 months old! I'm amazed at how well she responds to our voices, and our patient consistent training. Freya has only had ONE accident in the house, ever! And she learned right away how to ask at the door to be let out. We genuinely can't believe our luck. 

Jeff and I go on many hikes and adventures, and she has been an incredible travel companion. She especially loves sprinting up and down the beach and splashing in the ice-cold ocean. On long drives, Baby Frey curls up on a blanket in the backseat and sticks just the tip of her nose out the window. In general, as long as Jeff is there or I am there, Freya is content and calm. She knows that we will love her forever and take care of her no matter what. 

Overall, our little happy family could not be more joyful about Freya. All our friends are jealous that we get to cuddle with her all night. ;) Thank you, thank you, thank you for caring for her until we could. 

We're so grateful for the work you do. 

Hugs from the humans, and kisses from Freya!

Thank you for the AWESOME pictures, Madeleine and Jeff! Give Freya lots of cuddles from all of us here at Berkeley Humane (that’s right, we’re just as jealous as your friends are!)

Want to submit your own going home story with us? We welcome ‘em anytime-- we love featuring them! Email elines@berkeleyhumane.org with your own story and pictures, and we’ll happily put you up on our blog, too!

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