Tuesday, April 8, 2014

After Berkeley Humane: Sweet Charlie

Say hello to Sweet Charlie (formerly Mulan)! Sweet Charlie’s adopter, when writing in to us with their after-Berkeley Humnae story, mentioned something that struck a chord with us. She wrote that Sweet Charlie “is the cutest kitty ever (but I’m sure you hear that a lot.)”

Well, yep, we do. And you know what? That’s because every family’s pet kitty IS the world’s cutest kitty, at least in their own eyes. (And sometimes, we gotta be honest, EVERYONE’s eyes. The cats and kittens we adopt out are serious stunners!)

We love matching animals with that one person or family that sees them as the best, cutest, cuddliest, most amazing pet there ever was. We love hearing that feedback from adopters, too, that they’re happy they found their one true pet love at Berkeley Humane.

Read on for more of Sweet Charlie’s gratifying after-Berkeley Humane story!

I wanted to send a picture of Sweet Charlie and let you know she's doing just fine. She's loving, affectionate, lazy as can be, and she plays fetch!  Yes, fetch!! It is so cool, we think she has dog in her... heehee.  If we leave the room she follows and comes when we call her, too cute. She's a talker and has a different meeeow for her needs and she is the cutest kitty ever (but I'm sure you hear that a lot.) She is such a joy and wonderful to have around.  We all love her so much!

We’re so happy for this cat, and for her new parents. Sweet Charlie sounds like a riot! Thanks for tuning in to this latest after-Berkeley Humane love story!

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