Tuesday, April 29, 2014

After Berkeley Humane: Farrah and Ya

Short and sweet, plain and simple: cats Farrah and Ya, who were adopted together, have it made in the shade. They’ve got a caring home, room to explore, and adopters who just LOVE having them around! We received this snapshot of Farrah and Ya (see them both...?) settling into their new home and wanted to share. (Read the caption sent in by their new guardians, too: it’s so sweet!)

Here’s a picture of Ya (with Farrah peering in behind.) They are slowly but surely starting to get comfortable with each other and are a joy to have in our home.

We love the little green eyes-- they're just barely visible in the background! BIG thanks to Farrah and Ya’s adopters for sending this in. Congratulations to these kitties, too, for becoming such fast friends!

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