Saturday, March 1, 2014

March Volunteer of the Month: Grizelle and Melany

Grizelle and Melany have been committed Canine Friend volunteers since before many of us can remember. They started volunteering the same month that I was hired on as the Volunteer Coordinator back in April of 2012. Their commitment has never wavered! This mother/daughter team is a dynamic duo that can be relied on to do whatever is needed to care for the dogs at the end of the day on Sundays. As our Canine Coordinator Kris Swanson expressed, “they are a team we can always count on!”

Melany shares a bit on her experience:

I like to be part of the Berkeley Humane family. All of the staff and volunteers are dedicated and kind people who really look after the well-being of the animals. All dogs are lovely and they like to be hugged and petted; they feel very happy when we go out for walks or when I scratch their backs. It is nice to have the opportunity to care for the animals. They always make me feel good after every visit.”

Volunteers like Melany and Grizelle are vital for the life-saving work we do at Berkeley Humane. We could not do it nearly as well without their help and we are pleased that the experience is just as fulfilling for them. 

Are you feeling inspired by Melany and Grizelle's experience? If you’re interested in learning about volunteering at Berkeley Humane, click here to find out how!

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