Tuesday, February 4, 2014

February Volunteer of The Month: Jason

Jason has been a tremendous asset to Berkeley Humane since September of 2012.  Cathy, our Feline Coordinator, recalled, "Jason first asked to attend the Feline Friends training in September of 2012.  He was unable to attend the next 5 scheduled training sessions but his excitement to volunteer never wavered and he came in just to clean for months before he was able to train to work with the cats."  No matter the task, Jason works with joy and enthusiasm.  He is always willing to help in any way.  Cathy also shared that she "once asked him to organize what was then known as the 'junk room'.  Undaunted by the enormous job ahead of him, he set out to work and an hour later the jumbled mess of things was converted into an organized and clean 'foyer'."  Jason continues to help with anything we need but, more importantly, he is the Sunday morning cat whisperer.  He loves the cats, takes excellent care of them, and they love him in return.  He connects with every single cat and gets to know their unique personalities in a flash.   One could argue Jason may even be a cat in a man suit.

Jason expressed his sentiments about his volunteer experience with as much sweetness as he always shows the kitties:   "It is inspiring to be a part of the Berkeley Humane corps of volunteers and staff who so selflessly and kindheartedly provide for these lovely creatures waiting so vulnerably and tenderly to be welcomed into a loving home. It brings great joy to me  knowing that my efforts, however small they may be, are spent in direct service to each dog and cat. Each weekend when I turn to leave, I feel the world is a little lighter and a little better off than before I walked in."

Volunteers like Jason make our work here at Berkeley Humane deeply rewarding.  It is an honor to share in the experience of saving lives with kind, loving people.  Thank you for your hard work and commitment Jason.  We hope to have the honor of working alongside you for many more years.    

Do you want to become a star volunteer like Jason?  Learn about how to become involved with Berkeley Humane by clicking here!

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