Tuesday, February 18, 2014

After Berkeley Humane: Snow Foots

Snow Foots, formerly known as Fontella Bass, was adopted from us in 2013. Given what our friends over on the East Coast are contending with these days, we thought she'd be the perfect kitty to feature on this week's post-adoption update!

Snow Foots is a stunning cat—in fact, you might recognize her from a series of professional photos that a volunteer took of her! (We love the pictures and use them occasionally on our thank-you cards.) Her adopter has been in touch with us from time to time since taking her home, and shared this update with us for the blog! Check it out!

Here’s Fontella Bass (now Snow Foots) six months later! She runs the place.She is loved so much and all her fur has grown back in! (Note: She really likes German Shepherds/puppies! Surprise!) Thanks so much, she is dearly loved.

We’re about to bust a seam, we’re giggling so much at the image of Snowfoots tagging along behind a German Shepherd. Adorable! We are proud and endlessly grateful that Snowfoots and her mama have found each other.

Do these images of Snowfoots make your heart go pitter-patter? Want to help us take more beautiful photos of the animals in our shelter? Our volunteer photographer needs assistants to help wrangle kittens and puppies during shoots. If you’d like to volunteer a few hours a week for this (super fun!) job, email our Marketing Manager, Emily Lines, at elines@berkeleyhumane.org to inquire!

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