Tuesday, February 25, 2014

After Berkeley Humane: Max

Max, formerly Georgio, was a staff favorite around these parts before he went off to his happy new home! Max now has a family who loves him to bits, and what sounds like a life full of treats, exploring, and creature comforts!

Here’s Max’s story of life after adoption—and in his special installation of ‘After Berkeley Humane’, this story is straight from Max himself!

My name is Max, and I am six-months-old. I am a Havanese puppy who was recently adopted. My new home is so much fun because I have 3 older "siblings" that I get to play with, I go for walks to the park with my family, I have a big backyard to roam around in, and I am about to attend doggie school with my mom! I even have a comfy bed I sleep on at night and all the toys I could ever dream of! Oh, and the doggie treats I get for being a "good boy" are delicious! Here are a few pictures of me!

Max is clearly one happy pooch! We are so excited for him to grow up, learn how to be the best puppy he can be in school, and to live the wonderful life we know his family plans to give him! Yay for Max!

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