Tuesday, January 14, 2014

After Berkeley Humane: Dixie

Sometimes luck is the name of the game here at Berkeley Humane. Not every dog or cat is so lucky as to find their special person as soon as they come into the shelter, but when they do, it’s completely magical! Our stellar canine friend Liz, who has volunteered with us for years, was smitten when little lady Dixie (then named Bianca) came into our shelter in 2010. As one of our more experienced canine friends, Liz was asked to help Dixie in particular because of her ‘special needs’: Dixie suffers from megaesophagus, and when she arrived at Berkeley Humane she needed a little extra love and care from our staff and volunteers.

Liz helped our fantastic medical team nurse Dixie into a healthier state, and in doing so fell utterly in love with her. As soon as Dixie was given the all-clear, Dixie went home with Liz—and we’re glad she did. Here’s why Dixie is such a lucky dog:

“Dixie is my ‘special needs’ dog from Berkeley Humane. She has megaesophagus and is blind, but a cutie! Dixie is a real love, and that’s what got her rescued from another animal shelter and able to come to Berkeley Humane. Once she got here, some very skilled vets and RVTs cared for her. I was a volunteer then who gave her special feeding and care until it was decided that she could be adopted (by me) as a special needs dog… just a few days before the fire. Whew, a very, very lucky dog… and a very lucky me, too!

Dixie wasn’t blind when I adopted her, megaesophagus was (and is) her problem. Her blindness is hereditary and gradually came after we had her for about a year. Sadly there’s no cure for that. She is a GREAT dog… and very photogenic, as you can see!”

Liz’s total adoration for Dixie is so obvious, and we couldn't be happier for the two of them! We’re glad Dixie’s able to bring a little magic into Liz’s life, and that Liz has given Dixie such a beautiful fresh start. They’re both very lucky to have each other! Thank you, Liz, for sharing your story with us (and the truly cute picture--Dixie's a real stunner!)

Does Dixie's story move you? Our volunteers help us not only by loving on our animals, but by taking on important jobs like Liz did in assisting in special needs care. Do you think that kind of work would mean something to you? Email our volunteer program manager Cristina at cverduzco@berkeleyhumane.org for more information!

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