Tuesday, December 24, 2013

After Berkeley Humane: Maisy

When this pretty young puppy came to us, it was decided that she looked like a puppet straight out of Fraggle Rock—she was so breezy, happy, and fluffy that the name Fraggle seemed like a fun name to call her while she was in our care! But Miss Fraggle wasn’t in our care for long—she found a happy home with a family that volunteers for us, and in becoming a part of their lives she’s also been given an even better name… Maisy! (You didn’t think we could top Fraggle, did you? But the name Maisy fits her perfectly!)

Along with outgrowing her puppy name, Maisy has blossomed into a fun, gentle, and loving companion to her family. Her adopters, Jenny and Emily, continue to volunteer with us and we’re always hearing the sweetest stories about Maisy’s life in her new home!

I just have to send a few Maisy pictures to you… She’s the best dog!

Here are a few shots of her in our yard, then with one of her best friends at the park, and finally asleep with Emily, her favorite thing to do. We really lucked out with her. The other day, after dogwalking at Berkeley Humane, Emily and I were driving home talking about how lucky we were that nobody else took her that day I had spent thinking it over. (You had tactfully tried to say that I should probably just take her home that minute.)

Thank goodness nobody else did!

Maisy was a total staff favorite and an utter joy: what can we say, we saw the love connection between them and just had to try to make it happen! We’re so glad that Jenny and Emily decided to adopt her, and that they have continued to make time to help our other animals out by dogwalking at our shelter. Congratulations, Maisy, and thank you to Maisy’s sweet family for all that you do for the animals!

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