Tuesday, December 17, 2013

After Berkeley Humane: Dante

Love! That’s what we’re all about here at Berkeley Humane, and BOY do we have a love story for you readers today! Adopter Brian sent us a quick check-in to let us know how Dante, formerly Jellybean, is doing… and slipped in a small fact that had us jumping for joy!

Dante is doing great and we love him! I had no idea it would be so great to have a dog as I've never had one before. Not only is he adorable, he is getting us out of the house more, we are exploring all the regional parks in the area together, and he just makes the house a happier place to be. He was even there when I proposed to my partner, Dennis, and then we went to the dog park (photo attached, just because it's so cute!)

We are super proud dog-parents. :)

And we are super proud that Dante and his new papas have become such a great family! Congratulations to Brian and Dennis, and thank you for welcoming Dante into your loving life together!!

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