Tuesday, December 10, 2013

After BEBHS: Sumi and Jason

Sumi and Jason are two smart little dogs who came into our care and quickly bonded. Our fabulous adoptions associate Carly Skonnord spent a lot of time with both of them, and when a potential adoptive family came to meet Sumi, she facilitated their meet-and-greet. In fact, she ended up facilitating TWO meet-and-greets for this family: by day's end, the family ended up going home with not only Sumi, but her favorite kennelmate Jason, too!

When Carly told us how stirring their 'going home' story was, we asked if she’d like to tell it firsthand on our blog! Being the rockstar that she is, Carly was game. Readers, enjoy her telling of how best-puppy-pals Sumi and Jason ended up going to a new home together!

Sumi and Jason are the sweetest little dogs who sadly arrived at our shelter in distress. Jason was terrified and covered in foxtails, and Sumi had suffered from extensive injuries which resulted in the amputation of one of her hind legs. The world was scary to these sweet, loving dogs, so they spent most of their time feeling afraid. One day when Jason’s kennel mate was adopted, he was given a new friend—Sumi! This pair of introverts immediately brought each other out of their shells as they flourished into happy, playful young dogs. A few weeks ago, a family came in specifically to meet Sumi but had no intention of adopting more than one dog. Once they laid eyes on Jason’s scruffy white face and saw how much Sumi brightened when he entered the room, they knew that both of these dogs had a special place in their family. Even before they left the building, the smiles and tail wags were endless. Rightfully so, too! The happy adopters got to go home with twice the love, and the happy doggies got to share the joy of their new home with their best friend.

(above photos by Rebecca Schwartz.)

(Pictured above are Sumi and Jason settling into their new family's arms at last!) 

We are so grateful to Sumi and Jason’s adopters for giving these great dogs a loving home. Congratulations to these lucky adopters, and big thanks to Carly for taking the time to share their going-home story with us!

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