Friday, November 1, 2013

Volunteer Appreciation Series: Irene

On occasion there are volunteers who get to experience the evolution of an organization through many years of committed service.  It is such a treat for those of us who have a relatively short history at Berkeley Humane to gather stories and learn about our past.  Irene offers a window into 26 of the 83 years we have served homeless animals in our community.  

As Nancy Frensley, our long-time Dog Trainer at BHS, explains, "Irene has put in many years of quietly reliable volunteer work in a number of capacities, including fostering neonatal kittens, helping with our long ago rummage sale, walking and training shelter dogs. She is now the training assistant for Puppy Kindergarten classes and brings her quiet, articulate way to communicating with puppy students. She sets up class, keeps track of puppy paperwork, and helps to make Puppy K a great experience for everyone that takes it."

In Irene's words:

"I have been a volunteer for  26 years; fostered kittens for 20 of those years; and have helped out in Nancy Frensley's Puppy K class for 17 years. Seven or eight classes a year; five to ten puppies per class; that's a lot o' puppies! I set up the room, mop up the puddles, and see to it  that owners' questions get passed along to Nancy. I  am also responsible for petting the puppies. Pretty good job!  Nancy is a great teacher, and I have learned a lot from watching her work."

We are so grateful to have Irene's undying support and hope to earn her devotion for many more years. Thank you, Irene, for all you have done to teach puppies (and their guardians) good manners!

Do you want to become a star volunteer like Irene?  Learn about how to become involved with Berkeley Humane by clicking here!

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