Tuesday, November 12, 2013

After Berkeley Humane: Dora

Happy Tuesday! We’d love to share this update from Dora’s adopters. In Berkeley Humane parlance, this darling cat ‘went home’ a few months ago: we recently received an update from Dora’s adopters, accompanied by some gorgeous photos. Want to check them out? Read on!

My husband and I adopted Elvira (now named Dora) a few months ago.

Dora has brought so much joy to our home it’s amazing! She is the cutest cat ever. She was quite shy at the beginning, but little by little she has come out of her shell and is now master of our house! 

The first thing that really amazed us about her from the very beginning was how curious she was. Even when she was scared and shy, she would explore first and then suddenly realize where she was and run back frightened as an afterthought! (Hence the name…Dora the Explorer.)

She has now settled in to her routines and habits and seems quite happy. Her favorite spot is at the very top of her cat tree where she naps and spends much of the day. Despite our efforts to get her interested in other toys, the one thing she never tires of playing with is the little black plastic things you tie around wires (twist ties?). She chases them, throws them up and catches them for hours at a time…

One thing that I really love about her is how talkative she is! She walks and prances around the house and meows a lot! If I talk back to her, she will respond with very expressive meows (our friends are all impressed by how loud she can be!) She wakes us up every morning by coming into our bedroom and meowing till one of gets up and either plays with her or feeds her! 

She loves to be chased and chase us and gets quite excited…after which she always comes up to us to give us a nose kiss to make sure we are still friends! It’s really sweet. 

I just wanted to thank you and the rest of the team at the Humane Society. Thank you for helping us find her.

Dora sounds like she has truly blossomed in her family’s home! Thank you to Dora’s adopters for letting her come out of her shell, and for seeing what a beautiful fit she’d make for your home. Congratulations, Dora!

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