Friday, October 4, 2013

We're moony for Luna!

Sweet, curious Luna has been with us for a few months and has developed into quite the sweet little treasure, and we need your help to find her a home! This pretty kitty has proven herself to be a gentle little companion, and we’d love to tell you all about her latest adorable developments! Luna is still looking for her special person or family to take her home—we know she’d love to meet them soon, to show ‘em just how charming and unique she is!

Here’s the latest from Luna’s foster moms:

Luna, the moon cat, is quite the character. During her brief stay at the shelter, she appeared to be nothing more than a moody, unpredictable, traumatized girl. She retreated to the back of the cage, refused to eat, and seemed completely disinterested in receiving affection. We were all perplexed because there was such little change in her mood during the two weeks she was at Berkeley Humane. I thought about my cat Monkey and how she would probably be the exact same way if she ended up in a shelter. At that moment, I decided it was worthwhile to foster Luna and see what she could be like in a home environment, and boy am I glad I did! After just two days in the bathroom, she let us know she was ready to claim the apartment as her own. Her curiosity was piqued and, before we knew it, she was finding sun spots to bask in, climbing on the cat tree to peek out the window and see the world outside, and (best of all) insisting on cuddle time at bedtime. She’s still a little nervous around loud noises and quick movements but, otherwise, Luna is quite the entertainer. She is one of those cats that plays with invisible friends, tosses and chases mouse toys, stalks toes under the blankets, and is addicted to cat nip. She is undemanding, loyal, playful, clean, curious and quite unique. Luna is a quirky but perfect roommate!

It is so rewarding to see how trusting and curious little Luna truly is, and we can’t wait to see her go home to her very own special person. She is truly a wonderful girl who would love nothing more than to spend her days exploring her person’s home in peace, and her nights cuddling and playing to her heart’s content. Please share this post with anyone who might be able to help us find Luna a loving home.

Are you over the moon about Luna? Contact our Cat Coordinator at (510) 845-3633 ext. 14, or email Check out more great photos of Luna here!

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