Tuesday, October 22, 2013

After BEBHS: Willie

Say hello to Willie! Willie, formerly Avos, was placed with a foster parent when he first came to Berkeley Humane. Willie’s foster mom loved his kittenish antics and sweet demeanor so much that she ended up adopting him! We’re incredibly happy to hear about what a great life Willie has.

Willie as a kitten...
I adopted Avos (now Willie) in May 2013 and wanted to share a quick update and some photos.

...and Willie all grown up!
Willie is such a handsome boy! His eye, which was very badly infected when he was about 7 weeks old and took a long time to heal, is completely normal now - it still waters more than the other eye, but doesn't seem to have any permanent damage at all. He finally grew into his fur—he used to be a ball of fluff but now he is shaped like a real cat. Except his tail, which is still wild and fluffy and excellent for dusting behind couches.

And he is such a sweetheart. He purrs whenever he is picked up (by anyone, at any time). He is very fond of licking fingers and faces. He does occasionally get excited and play-bite my hand but immediately makes amends with much licking.

It didn't take long to adapt to his new stepsisters (my older cats), and things are going great. (Although they are not quite as enthusiastic about constant wrestling as he is. But they are pretty tolerant.) 

[Since his adoption in May, Willie] is still a sweetheart and his tail is even crazier—looks like the wrong species (raccoon? squirrel?). It turns out he's pretty tolerant of being in a harness and comfortable in crowds, so he often accompanies me to family barbeques.

Willie sounds like a real little lion! Thank you to Willie’s mama for sharing the update!

We’re so glad that we have a wonderful network of foster parents at Berkeley Humane who help shape our animals lives for the better. Their patience and kindness can do so much for animals to help them get adopted and find a great match. If you’re interested in learning about becoming a foster parent, click over to our website to find out what it takes!

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