Tuesday, November 5, 2013

After BEBHS: Dr. Dre and Vanilla Ice

Dr. Dre and Vanilla Ice, formerly Scooter and Max, have found a home to prowl and a family to love. Hearing from their adopters, it sounds like they're having a great time in their new digs! Their adopters told us they consider themselves “happy and lucky” to have Dr. Dre and Vanilla Ice in their lives. (And we love the name changes!) Alright, stop, collaborate and listen:

Things are going very well!!! The boys are settling in with "Scooter" taking the lead. "Max" seems to be taking cues from him and while still a little shy, is slowly coming out to explore and this morning greeted me in bed for a cuddle. We left the re-naming up to our daughter. She is a big music fan and decided to name them after two of her favorite artists. "Scooter" will from here forward be known as "Dr. Dre" and "Max" will be known as "Vanilla Ice". Our daughter sings to them and when they hear her, they come for cuddles.

These boys’ adopters told us that Vanilla Ice and Dr. Dre spend their days “alternately exploring and snoozing” and “ruling the roost.” We're so glad they have found such a welcoming, devoted family to spend their lives with. A round of applause for Dr. Dre and Vanilla Ice!

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