Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Volunteer Appreciation Series: Natalie

A dedicated volunteer means the world to an organization like ours, but the real value in their work is how much it means to the animals they offer their love to. 

“Natalie has volunteered since before the fire in 2010 and there is nothing she is unwilling to help with”, explains Kris Swanson. “She jumps in wherever the help is most needed, even if it’s just cleaning.”

In Natalie’s words:

Volunteering is essential.  Animal welfare causes have always been important to me.  Writing a check helps, but I want to do more, learn more, see more, and be involved more.  Of course, it is fortunate that a big part of helping out at Berkeley Humane means walking and playing with dogs.  I enjoy every minute of it and I truly believe the work the organization does is essential to the health of my community.

Natalie is invaluable at Berkeley Humane!  Whether it’s helping at an event, washing dishes, or working on behavior and training with the dogs, she puts her whole heart into everything she does.  Whenever any of the staff see Natalie’s name on the volunteer schedule, there is a sigh of relief and enthusiasm. 

Thank you, Natalie, for being so awesome!  

Do you want to become a star volunteer like Natalie?  Learn about how to become involved with Berkeley Humane by clicking here!

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  1. NATALIE!!!! Thanks you so much for being a super star volunteer! You really are such a valuable member of our team! I enjoy having you around to work with and I know the dogs are always happy to see you as well!!! Kudos on being recognized :) And thanks for always jumping right in where we need help the most!