Tuesday, September 17, 2013

After BEBHS: Blue

Blue looks like she's having a blast going to school and meeting new friends! We're elated to see her and her family doing so well.

Blue (formerly know as Babe) is doing very well! We've signed up for puppy class and just had our 2nd class last week. She's done very well with being house broken. Got a pair of slippers and shoes chewed up but other than that she's happy and having fun meeting people and other dogs. We're really trying to work on her not being too excited when meeting other people and dogs. She's quite the feisty one. She really likes playing with the big dogs!

Sounds like little Blue has quite the personality, but who could possibly resist the cuteness of those eyes?! Blue's mom is working hard on setting her up for success in her new home, which with any puppy takes time and lots of patience. Job well done to all, and thanks very much for the update!

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