Tuesday, September 10, 2013

After BEBHS: Addy

This dog and her new owner seem to be the perfect match!  

From Addy's wonderful adopter: I'm even more in love with Addy today than the day I brought her home back in April. She is just the perfect combination of pep and cuddles. Her silly facial expressions crack me up on a daily basis and her crazy wiggles and rolls have earned her the nickname "floppy noodle". 

This photo is a picture of us enjoying some time at the dog park, where Addy has developed a game that involves inciting other dogs to playfully chase her around until they are too tired to run anymore! I'm so lucky to have added her to my life.

Thanks Berkeley East Bay Humane Society!

Thank you, Addy's family, for giving her such a happy and loving life! 

Come find your own silly "Floppy Noodle" at Berkeley Humane during adoption hours: W-F 12pm-4pm, and Sa/Su 11am-5pm.

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