Thursday, July 11, 2013

Volunteer Appreciation Series: Linda!

Time for another Volunteer of the Month! Each month, we try to highlight the work of a special volunteer as part of an ongoing effort to give a little bit back to our wonderful cadre of volunteers who give so much to BEBHS’ animals.

July’s Volunteer of the Month, Linda, is a longtime helper—she’s been a Canine Friend year-round “since before anyone can remember!”, according to our volunteer coordinator Cristina. Linda adopted from Berkeley Humane many years ago and we’re so glad she’s continued to come back to our shelter year after year to give her care and love to the animals.

Take it away, Linda!

I have been a supporter of the BEBHS for many years. My current furry companions, a 14 year old dog and a 17 year old cat, were both adopted from BEBHS. My shift as a canine companion is filled with cuddles and canine kisses that always leave me smiling. It is a joy to share some time with the wonderful animals that find their homes via the BEBHS.

We really have to emphasize just how much Linda’s dedication and cheery demeanor have done for our animals’ well-being. Our volunteer coordinator further recommended Linda as a Volunteer of the Month candidate with this note:

"Linda has continued to be one of our most reliable and dedicated volunteers.  Her love and devotion to our temporary dog residents is above par and we are so grateful to know that we can always count on her to be here every Thursday evening.  There are a handful of volunteers I would love to clone and Linda is definitely one of them!" - Cristina

Linda’s special patience and understanding for the dogs at BEBHS really mean the world to the staff and to the animals who she takes the time to work with. We’re so grateful to have Linda as part of our team.

Do you want to become a Canine Friend like Linda? (Or lend a hand however you can?) Learn about how to become a volunteer at BEBHS by clicking here!

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