Tuesday, July 9, 2013

After BEBHS: Rosie

It's always great when the new kitten of the house is accepted so quickly by the older resident cats!  BEBHS has some of the most socialized and friendly kittens around thanks to our amazing fosters-- this makes the adoption process seamless!

Zap is one of the most fantastic kittens I have ever met.  She is friendly, very loving, super active and playful and is an absolute joy!  My cat Coco instantly bonded with her;  my other kitty, Miranda, a Maine Coon, was a little intimidated at first (!);  Despite the fact that Miranda is probably 10 times larger, she's still a bit of a scaredy cat .  It took a few days, but they now greet each other nose to nose.  :)
We did rename Zap "Rosie" - in fact she is quite the Nosy Rosie.  She is interested in the dishwasher, etc., etc.  She's an absolute doll.  Thanks so much!
Enjoying a spot of sunshine

Little Rosie isn't intimidated by her much larger siblings!

Nosy Rosie

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