Tuesday, July 23, 2013

After BEBHS: Ben

Sweet, adorable Ben came to us with a terrible case of Demodex, which left his skin in bad shape and having lost a bit of fur. But his days of discomfort are ancient history now. Ben is living the good life with an absolutely wonderful adopter, who sent us a quick update and some uber snazzy photos. Read on for a happy ending tale!

Here's what the poor little dude looked like when he was with us. It's not totally clear in this photo, but there's some cranky skin going on here. But just look at those eyes...

And here's the stud-muffin today!

We asked if Ben was feeling better and here's the cute response we got from his wonderful mom:

Yes, Ben is fine. He does indeed look like a completely different dog. His coat is back 100%. He's bigger too! lol He gets walks twice a day to maintain a healthy weight as well as to tire him out so he remains chill. 

What a lucky pooch! 

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