Tuesday, June 4, 2013

After BEBHS: Sweet Charlie

Life is certainly sweet for Sweet Charlie in her new home with her loving family.  Yet another happy ending that warms our hearts.

Sweet Charlie is the purrfect kitty! She spends the days with my daughter lounging and they have bonded, she sleeps with her too!

She is eating well and feels at home now. She loves to be petted and paws our faces. She is a lazy kitty and we are ok with that. She roams around from room to room then back to the living room where she likes it most.

My boyfriend and my son love her and get all goo-goo when she's with either of them. She is starting to play a little more with me when I get home from work. She gets loads of love attention and she loves it!!

She is our baby and we're glad we adopted her!

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