Tuesday, June 18, 2013

After BEBHS: Arya

It seems that Arya and her new family are the perfect match!  Thanks to our great shelter staff, amazing matches at BEBHS are made every day.  Placing cats and dogs into loving homes is essential, and making sure the animal is the right fit for their new family ensures a happy adoption experience for everyone.

Arya [formerly Maizie] is great! We potty trained her in a week and a half! She is integrating well with our kitties too. She loves to play with my aunt's golden retriever, and they have playdates often! She enjoys digging and exploring in our big yard, as well as chewing on bully sticks and antlers (plus the stuff she digs up haha)! She even sleeps under the covers with us every night. All in all she's a blessing in our home.

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