Thursday, May 9, 2013

Extreme Meow-overs at Berkeley Humane!

From time to time here at Berkeley Humane we take in animals that are in need of some extra medical attention. Our medical staff, shelter staff, and volunteers work tirelessly to ensure that all animals receive the care they need to set them up for a healthy and happy life when they find love and go home with a new individual or family. Today we highlight a few current and recent shelter residents who received extreme meow-overs during their stay at Berkeley Humane. Enjoy!

Poor McEwan came to our shelter in rough shape. Living life as a young unfixed male on the streets, he got into a fight which left him with open wounds that were susceptible to a rare form of yeast infection. He has since been neutered and treated with antifungal medications and topical ointments that are clearing up his skin lesions, making him more handsome than ever!  

McEwan is almost completely healed and is available for adoption thanks to our top notch hospital and shelter staff and his wonderful foster family. He's nothing but calm and affectionate, and he loves to get pets and cuddles. He'll let you pet him all over--tummy, paws, tail, you name it--and meanwhile he'll purr! He's fond of being cradled like a baby, giving kitty kisses, and making muffins all over. When McEwan isn't gazing into your eyes, you can find him tossing his toy mice in the air or chasing his crazy circle around. This special kitty has easily won over the hearts of the Berkeley Humane staff, becoming an instant staff favorite. We can't wait for him to find a loving home!

When Tingo arrived at Berkeley Humane, it was immediately apparent to our skilled hospital staff that something was very wrong with one of his eyes. Due to a condition of unknown origin, Tingo’s left eye was predisposed to constant infections which would eventually lead to loss of sight due to scarring. With Tingo’s comfort and future quality of life in mind, our medical team made the difficult decision to to remove his left eye. He has recovered well from his surgery and it’s obvious that having one eye has only improved his outlook on life! Not at all bothered by a missing eye, an adopter scooped up Tingo, took him home, and hasn’t let him go since!

Queen Latifah
Twelve-year-old Queen Latifah came to our shelter in less than regal condition. Her long coat was greasy and matted, her skin was irritated, and her fur was littered with brown debris. In addition, her teeth were in poor condition from dental disease. After a thorough bath and grooming, a dental cleaning, and one tooth extraction, Queen Latifah was ready to reclaim her throne! And she did just that--an adopter fell in love with this mature beauty, and took our Queen home to a palace of her very own.

For a list of our currently available adoptable animals, be sure to check out our Facebook page, and our Petfinder Profile!

All after photos taken by the unbelievably talented Kira Stackhouse of Nuena Photography.

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