Monday, April 22, 2013

Volunteer Appreciation Series: Miranda!

As any animal welfare organization knows, volunteers are a vital component to successful daily operations, and Berkeley Humane is no different. Those individuals who are willing to give their time, talent and efforts, asking for nothing in return, are our true heroes and deserve to be praised!

We have decided to launch a new program that will highlight and recognize a special volunteer each month in an effort to thank them for their dedication to the animals and service to BEBHS.  To kick-off our Volunteer Appreciation Series, we will be featuring a different volunteer Monday through Sunday this week, which is National Volunteer Week.  We hope that their service inspires you to reach out and make a difference through volunteer work in your community as well.  Please join us in celebrating our volunteers! 

Miranda is a canine companion who puts positive energy and love into every dog that she walks.  Her love of animals is easy to see and we're happy that she has chosen to let BEBHS benefit from her efforts.

"We have the pleasure of seeing Miranda at random times throughout the week and it is always a sigh of relief when she walks through the door because we know she is about to rock the house!  She has very quickly become indispensable." -Cristina Verduzco, Volunteer Manager

A note from Miranda:
I've wanted a dog for many years but am unable to have one due to living in an apartment with an evil landlord. Every time I go out and see someone with a dog I stop to squeeze and love all over them. My husband gets embarrassed every time. One day he couldn't take it anymore and said: "Miranda! Go volunteer at the animal shelter so you can get it out of your system!" So I did!

Volunteering at the Berkeley Humane Society has been an incredible experience. I recently lost my job and a very close family member. Life has been a little rough. However coming here every day and being able to hug and laugh with these incredible animals has been the best therapy anyone could have.

These animals are incredible to be around and I will continue to get my "fix" as much as I possibly can!

Thank you Miranda for all you do for the animals!  We salute you.

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