Friday, April 26, 2013

Volunteer Appreciation Series: Karen!

To kick-off our new Volunteer Appreciation Series, we continue our week of appreciation for those who serve so tirelessly for BEBHS. Check back on our blog each day during National Volunteer Week to read about different volunteers and their experiences at Berkeley Humane.

Karen has helped BEBHS in so many ways, including the un-glamorous but important grunt work of filing and organizing papers in the development office, to assisting with aspects of event planning and being a priceless shelter volunteer.

"Karen has been brightening up the Development Office with her always cheery disposition, great attitude (and she dresses great, too ;) since the Fall of 2012. She has helped us with so many things: from the most mundane filing and organizing, to working with the boys in the City of Berkeley to get permits for us to hold a block party. She's fabulous!" ~Stephanie Brown, Development Director 

"Karen is a true rockstar volunteer! She reliably shows up early on Sunday mornings to help scoop poop, fill food and water bowls, and give the whole cat area a once over to help prepare for adoptions. Karen always seems happy and eager to help out doing one of the most unglamourous jobs there is. She always has a smile and a kind word, and she's a one-woman cleaning machine! I'm so very grateful for her help; my Sundays always go smoothly because of her."   ~Cathy Marden, Cat Coordinator

A note from Karen:
I have been so grateful for the years of joy from our kitties we have adopted from BEBHS. Each day helping at the shelter is one way I say thank you to all those who work 24/7 to save the lives of so many special creatures who in turn say thank you every day to their humans when they find their forever homes. The unconditional love of your pet when you look in their eyes is the greatest gift.

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