Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Volunteer Appreciation Series: Jeremie!

To kick-off our new Volunteer Appreciation Series, we continue our week of appreciation for those who serve so tirelessly for BEBHS. Check back on our blog each day during National Volunteer Week to read about different volunteers and their experiences at Berkeley Humane.

Jeremie Fremaux is relatively new to the BEBHS foster family, but he has proven to be a tremendous asset--and now we can't remember how we managed before he came along! 

"Jeremie lives very close to BEBHS so he has no trouble picking up dogs on Sunday evenings and dropping them off Wednesday morning. He’s a professional photographer and takes AMAZING photos of his dogs.  He is patient and is willing to work with dogs that aren’t super trained.  He becomes bonded with the animals fairly quickly and it really shows in the behavior of the dogs."   ~Rosa Enriquez, Foster Care Coordinator

A note from Jeremie:
Before moving to Berkeley I was staying with a friend and visiting the area. She was volunteering at the BEBHS and I joined her when she went to take one of the dogs for a walk. As we walked to San Pablo Park I thought, "This is where I want to live when I move up here". Sure enough I ended up moving on the same street that we used on our dog walk. I told myself as soon as I was settled I would volunteer to foster dogs. When I began fostering I instantly filled the void of leaving my close friends and family back in LA. We're told that fostering helps reduce the stress of living in the shelter. I think it works both ways. Thanks BEBHS for putting on this program!

For a shelter dog to have the opportunity to be socialized in a loving home with an amazing foster is a special gift that can make all the difference in getting adopted.  Thank you Jeremie for opening your home and your heart to BEBHS dogs, your support of our mission is appreciated more than you know!  Cheers to you.

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