Tuesday, April 16, 2013

After BEBHS: Ruby

It looks like Ruby (formerly Audrey) is having the time of her life going on all sorts of adventures with her new family!  We couldn't be happier that this pup's life is filled with so much fun and so much love.

Brandon, Danielle and Ruby

Danielle and I had wanted to adopt a dog ever since we got together four years ago, and after a long day climbing on St Patty's Day, we spontaneously decided to head over to BEBHS. We were immediately taken by the cute photos, and seemingly perfect description of a dog named Audrey. After we took her for a walk, we knew that she would be the perfect dog for us! We decided to adopt her and after spending the day with her changed her name to Ruby.

She has only been part of the family for a little more than two weeks but in that time she has expierenced so much with us! She loved camping and climbing in Bishop California, swimming in the hot springs of the Sierra Nevada foothills, and had a great time playing with my parent's dog Bruno and their two cats! We take her to the dog park almost every day, and she loves everyone and everything that she comes in contact with. We could not be happier with our decision to adopt her, and are looking forward to having her in our lives for a long long time!

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