Tuesday, April 9, 2013

After BEBHS: Junior

We absolutely love this update--it shows that just because a cat has three legs doesn't mean he can't run and play like he has all four!
I just wanted to share with you how much happiness Dingo (now named Junior) has brought to my life!! He is the sweetest cat ever, super playful, healthy and a best friend! His favorite spot is a box inside my closet and his favorite toy is a plush lobster and, of course, the laser point!

Junior is an incredible cat. He was very scared when he first arrived. He spent the whole day inside a bucket that was the first thing he saw. I prepared a more comfortable bed for him, but it took him two days to actually come out and see the house. It looked like everything was new for him! He was even scared of a water bottle! But it didn't take long before he saw he could trust me and his environment, and today he totally owns the house!

Junior absolutely loves to headbutt, he has the cutest high-pitch meow (which he uses to indicate playtime) and looks me in the eye; he even licks my hand sometimes! He jumps super high and can outrun his sister Fluffy, in fact I think he doesn't even know he's a tripod! He's not really a lapcat yet, but he sleeps with me on the bed sometimes, wakes me up in the morning and always makes sure to purr loudly to show his thankfulness!

He seems to be getting along very well with Fluffy, the 9-year old cat I adopted from Home at Last. They are curious about each other and are starting to play together!

Thank you so much, Berkeley Humane!

Junior and his older sister, Fluffy.
Soaking in some sun rays.

Junior looking very dapper in a necktie.


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