Tuesday, April 23, 2013

After BEBHS: Beckett.

It's truly a testament to how successful our foster program is when cats like Beckett are comfortable and happy in their new home right away!  We are ecstatic that these adopters are just as thrilled by this kitty as he is by them. 

Beckett [formerly Barnaby] has really surprised us with how affectionate, highly intelligent, and rambunctious he is! He didn't need a lot of time to adjust and was already exploring and following us around the apartment. One of his favorite toys is a laser pointer keychain that perks him up the second he hears its chain jingle.

 Beckett is very expressive, not only with his face but also with his meows. He has already learned to ask for things with different tones. He has a meow for the laser pointer, a meow for food, a meow for affection, a meow for disapproval, even a meow for boredom!

His personality has really blossomed since his arrival. He is so curious and quirky and is always surprising us with the really adorable things he does. He has three favorite toys: an orange moose, a stuffed toy pooh, and a little toy mouse. He'll carry them in his mouth and demand we play fetch with him. One of his favorite things to do is to sleep on our heads during the night, but he'll snuggle in quietly and carefully so that we never wake. The next morning, the only evidence we have of his presence is his orange moose on our pillow. He is very adventurous and even loves to learn tricks. In fact, we've taught him to sit and shake our hands with both paws!

We love our new kitty and look forward to the many years of happiness he'll give us.
Already lounging around the house, within one hour of being adopted!
Enjoying some down time on a Sunday.
Beckett partaking in one of his hobbies: watching cat videos on Youtube!

Beckett with his orange moose.

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  1. I love that picture of him lying on his side on top of the couch. Now that's one happy kitty!