Saturday, January 19, 2013

Canine Foster Program up and running!

In an effort to increase our intake of puppies and medical cases, and to ease the stress of shelter life for our fuzzy canines, our Canine Foster Program is now open to the public! There are a few ways to help out as a canine foster:

Lydia recovering from FHO surgery in her foster home
1. Be a puppy foster! Young pups are in most need of foster homes. Puppies will grow into healthy, confident adult dogs with proper socialization – something that is best achieved in a foster home.

2. Care for canines recovering from medical procedures and/or illnesses. When we visit local shelters looking for dogs to take into our care, we often consider dogs that require more intensive medical care--whether that is surgery or time to recuperate from other medical issues.  But we can only bring them to our shelter if we have a foster home for them to rest in.

3. Give a dog a break from the shelter! Our dogs live at our shelter until they are adopted. By being a foster parent you can give them a break from stressful kennel life and a taste of a real home! Not only does it make the doggies happier, it allows potential adopters to get a better idea of what the dog is like in the ‘real world’.

Travis taking a break from the kennels in his foster home
We provide foster families with all needed supplies: crate, dog pens, bedding, bowls, food, leash, harness, toys and peepads for puppies. Fosters must be willing to transport the dog to and from the shelter for medical appointments and adoption days, as well as fill out a foster profile sheet. And we love it when fosters send us photos of their temporary buddies! Photos and insight from the foster parents really help adopters make the right decision!

If you are interested in fostering there is a canine foster training scheduled for Saturday, January 26th at 9:00am. You can sign up here. Training is held monthly, usually toward the end of the month.

Thanks for reading! Hope to see you around at the shelter!!

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