Monday, November 12, 2012

Fostering Margie

One of our canine staffers Lindsay is Fostering Margie and sent us an update about Margie's life in a home with some canine buddies. It was so sweet and we wanted to share.  How great are these pics? Please share Margie's profile and story! She is still looking for her forever home.

From Lindsay:
I took Margie home to foster the past two weeks and she was amazing! I have two Labrador retrievers: a one and a half and an 11 and a half year old.  Margie is super sweet with both of them. She plays and runs around with the younger one and walks next to the older one and give her the occasional smooch. Transitioning Margie into my house has been easy and a lot of fun. She is a great couch-buddy and loves to play with the rubber balls and chew on Nyla bones. She shares all her toys with my dogs and gives them kisses.  Margie has already adjusted to the potty and feeding routines of the house. She sleeps soundly through the night all cuddled up in her crate with her blanket and toys. She is slowly discovering all the sights and smells of the backyard, and running and playing with her new friends. Margie is an incredibly sweet dog who is pretty darn content to hang out on the floor or the couch with a chew toy. Margie is an amazing girl and I am so excited for whoever gets to share their life and heart with her.

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