Tuesday, November 20, 2012

After BEBHS: Zoe

Rest in Peace, Zoe!

A note from Zoe's family:

We adopted a beautiful Rottweiler from you in August of 2003. Berkeley Humane Society had actually saved her from the Sacramento Humane Society where her previous owners had given her up.

She was 2 years old at the time and only 57.5 lbs.

It was serendipity that we found her.  My partner Deno was picking up take out from Juan's that night and when he came home, he just happened to mention in passing that he saw someone from the humane society walking a Rottweiler.  Which was the type of dog I had always wanted to have.  The very next day I went down to the humane society on my lunch break to meet her.  It was love at first sight but someone else had her on hold while they were deciding to adopt her or not.  I put my number down on the to be called list in case they ended up not taking her home.  As luck would have it they did not!  The very next day we came to take our new addition to our family.

From then on she was known as Zoe.

She was an amazing dog from the beginning but definitely had some psychological issues due to her previous owners that we had to work through and boy, was she hungry!  In that first year we saw so many amazing transformations for her!  She learned how to be a dog and how to enjoy herself and be loved without fear.  And she literally found her voice when she learned how to speak.  Brie on a cracker was her break through treat that helped her with that accomplishment.  In this time not only did we see her blossom but she got to a healthy size!  For her, her best weight was at 85 lbs, not too big, not too skinny.

Zoe's favorite activities were going to Pt. Isabel, Bay to Barkers almost every year, Tahoe in the winter time, camping (she always slept in the 2 man tent with us), and hanging out at home with her people.

Zoe was always a gentle giant as she shared her house with 2 Bengal cats.  Whom she loved although the cats may not have been as crazy about her!

In March of 2011 Zoe was diagnosed with bone cancer in her left leg.  They had given us about a 6 month prognosis for her.  Zoe again amazed us with her strength and tenacity.  She outlasted and thrived for a year after diagnosis.  But in April of 2012 she let us know that it was time for her to go.  We had to make one of the hardest decisions to have Zoe put to sleep.  So, on April 5th 2012, we let her go peacefully at home.

Zoe was such a presence in our lives.  She was a smart, happy, loyal, beautiful and loving dog.  She will be forever in our hearts and souls.   We are so grateful that Berkeley Humane Society took her from the Sacramento Humane Society and gave us the chance to love her for the rest of her life and to have such an amazing animal be a part of our lives.

After BEBHS is a weekly post where we will feature notes and photos from animals rescued by BEBHS and adopted into their forever homes.  If you've adopted a pet from us, we would love to hear from you! Please send update and photos to ksmitley@berkeleyhumane.org.


  1. Zoe was a wonderful, sweet dog who I met in Tahoe in late 2005. She worked her way into my heart with her loving, smart and funny personality, and will have a place there always. Nicole and Deno are awesome dog (and cat) parents. Kudos to them and the rescue organizations that made this such a beautiful success story!

  2. I couldn't agree more. Thank you for posting their story. Nicole and Deno (not to mention the cats) provide a more loving home than Nicole's story and humble words can even express. They really do wonders with animals - including with my little rescue dog Bella who loves to visit, still misses giving Zoe wet dog licks, and always looks forward to all the love she gets at their house (hmmm...I think brie and crackers might be the secret)!